The LonelyIsland is a musical group of comedians from the popular show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Their popular music consists of parodies and mockeries of events that have become mainstream. The majority of their songs are featured by a very well known artist, which helps the group promote the music to the public.Image

“The Motto” is a song by Drake. “The Motto” is also commonly known as the “YOLO” song. After “The Motto” was released, the track hit the top charts within weeks. The song got so popular that people started using the phrase “YOLO”, you only live once, for almost every situation. This became so popular that everyone was using it everywhere. The phrase is slowly dying down to a fad since the majority of the population now thinks it’s annoying.Image

It is evident that the lyrics of the song is comic because “YOLO” by the Lonely Island is clearly a mockery of the mainstream phrase “YOLO”. The song is a comedic act where the artists of the Lonely Island are suggesting that society shouldn’t do anything because everything is dangerous. This is ironic because “YOLO” was intended to mean that society should act upon impulse because you only have one life, so live life to its fullest, when the lyrics of the mockery song, “YOLO”, suggests that “we are still young, so hold off the fun” and changed the acronym to mean “you oughta look out”. The artists of The Lonely Island does outrageous acts to protect themselves from losing their lives by suggesting that you should “board your windows up [because] the sun is bad for your health” and that you should “always wear a straight jacket so you’re safe from yourself”, and many more crazy ideas. These suggestions are forward-looking ideas that an audience should jokingly consider. Therefore the lyrics is a dramatic illusion.

The lyrics may suggest ambiguity. The comic lyrics can be misinterpreted as tragic lyrics if the audience didn’t know what the original YOLO phrase meant. An audience can misinterpret the lyrics as protecting yourselves from something tragic. The target audience of the song is for teens and young adults because the majority of people listening to “YOLO” by The Lonely Island most likely know about, and heard “The Motto” by Drake. Evidence that the “YOLO” by The Lonely Island is directed to teens and young adults is that the song is about people who are “still young”.

The majority of the music in YOLO falls under intensity musical patterns for all musical elements (rhythmic structure, harmonic structure, melodic structure, phrasing, and instrumentation). The song also represents release musical patterns in phrasing and harmonic structure because the music is legato (connected and smooth), and the chorus harmonizes. The music on its own gives off a catchy and happy tune.

The emotional and conceptual message flows such that the overall song is congruent. The song is a combination of dramatic illusion, comic lyrics, and mostly intensity musical patterns. The message of the song is to make fun of the overused phrase YOLO, and stop society from abusing it. Again, if the  audience didn’t know drake’s song “the motto”, then the song YOLO by the lonely island may seem ambiguous. The acts in the song are so outrageous that it should, by most people, be humorous. For the audience that does understand the humour in the song, may stop using the phrase YOLO because they realize how stupid it sounds such that a popular comedic group mocked it.

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