Marxism Perspective

Mercedes-Benz has solidified themselves as a premier and top of the line automobile company that provides over the top quality vehicles. Through their constant marketing efforts, they have established themselves as one of the top manufacturers. In doing so, Mercedes has been able to stabilize their purpose of accommodating you with life changing experiences while promising to help their customers live the life of a celebrity so to speak. However, these advertisements fail to establish the important amenities in which these cars should provide to ensure safety on the road while enjoying other great features that differ them from other automobile companies. While failing to acknowledge quality features about the car(s) themselves, Mercedes promotes an ideology in its consumers that you can obtain the life of a celebrity by earning the attention of middle-aged beautiful women while attaining the attention of everyone around you. The company does by showing average men been absorbed with what society would view as young stunning women.


In the commercial you see a young, average male who appears to be presented with an opportunity that only a Mercedes can provide your life with. He goes from sitting in a restaurant to the life of a celebrity on the red carpet, being surrounded by gorgeous women, being put on magazine covers and dancing with Usher in a matter of seconds. It appears as if these have been fantasies of this young man for awhile, and that Mercedes plays into the ideology that it’s consumers are able to live out their desired dreams once and only if you get behind the wheel of this incredible car.


Through this viewpoint, you are able to see that this commercial demonstrates two different types of people; the average and the ideal person. The average person is someone who appears to be sitting by themselves in some low class restaurant and the ideal person being the one who gets in the wins over the attention of countless women. As far as a marxist perspective, there are plenty of metaphors to view here. The average person tends to live a lifestyle of something nobody would wish while eating in some classless diner wearing average clothes. These scenarios are ones that someone who drove a Mercedes would most likely not endure because they obtain a much towering socioeconomic position. Hegemony is something that “supports the interests of those in power” and is defined “as the privileging of a dominant group’s ideology over that of other groups” (Sellnow 72). This commercial displays the concept of hegemony by demonstrating the power you obtain once your a Mercedes owner because you are able to get beautiful women and celebrity treatment. It also shows how if you don’t own a Mercedes than your chance of living this type of lifestyle is non-existent and your dreams simply cannot come true. This establishes the impression that if you lack the economic benefits of being able to afford this car, then you have no chance of experiencing more than just an average life. This also demonstrates that society lives through the ability to win over attractive girls and money truly can buy you happiness.


Mercedes has been a successful company by establishing a target market that aims towards middle-aged men by showing them this car can provide them with the only thing that may matter to them, women and money. Through looking at a marxist perspective and different metaphors, it is easy to see that Mercedes is able to attract the attention of their consumers by understanding common fantasies of young males and by providing the notion that those unrealistic scenarios can be obtained by owning a certain vehicle.


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One thought on “Marxism Perspective

  1. Blog Commentary

    You provided a very good Marxist analysis for this commercial. There were clear connections made between the socioeconomic messages and the Marxist beliefs covered in class. You employed several key definitions important for Marxist analysis such as “hegemony” and “economic metaphor”. Your strongest argument was your point about differentiating between the two different types of people and how the commercial emphasized how one is better than the other. Although you covered the overall message of driving a fancy car and having money equate to happiness in life, I feel that you overlooked some things that could have been further analyzed. What is the significance of the main character doing business with the “devil”? What sorts of symbols are connected with the devil and how do they fit in with the overarching message (the idea of “selling his soul” and his final decision not to)? I think this encounter with the devil has some symbolic meaning that you could further analyze to give more depth to your analysis. Overall you did a great job.

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